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Category:Hot Springs Resort


project phase:Opened



  • 客房150间别墅式客房/套房;

  • 餐饮容纳350人大型会议室、宴会厅;

  • 温泉露天温泉池;

  • 娱乐篮球场、户外拓展基地、KTV等


  • 将大峡谷底的氡温泉水直接引入客房,在房内便可沐浴有着”神水”之称的氡温泉

Located in the Radon Spring Scenic Area of Yayang Town, Taishun County, Wenzhou, Natural SPA Resort stands on the northern slope of the first Grand Canyon in East China and 500 meters above sea level. With a good wish of "building the first resort in East China", it is built according to the standard of four-star resort. The resort has numerous green peaks around it, with high mountains and thick forests. It is intoxicated by the heavy fragrance of flowers all the year round, as well as the beautiful surroundings and fresh air, thus making it a fictitious land of peace.  That’s why it has always been recognized as “Lushan Mountain of South Zhejiang”.


  • Guest Rooms:  150 villas / suites;

  • Catering :  Large meeting room, banquet hall for 350 people;

  • Hot spring:  Open-air hot spring pool;

  • Entertainment:  Basketball court, outdoor extension activity base, KTV and so on

Spa Features:

  • Lead the radon hot spring water from the bottom of the Grand Canyon directly into guest rooms, the guests can bathe radon hot springs, which is called the "divine water" , in their own rooms.

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