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project phase:On sale




  • 项目共计13栋高层住宅,门窗采用高档铝合金和静音、低辐、保温玻璃。

  • 拥有两个超豪华会所,配有雪茄红酒、瑜伽房、健身房、书吧。

  • 超大恒温泳池,配有健身设施

  • 大型下沉式广场,配有商业入住

  • 小区内水系纵横,贯彻中轴线

NATURAL RIVERSIDE MANSION is an upgraded version of Natural Riverside Garden and close to it. The project covers a total area of 60 mu, building area is of about 130,000 square meters. It is about 5 minutes’ drive from the five-star Pullman Hotel, and 15 minutes from the bustling prime location of downtown Wenzhou.

Design Concept:  Carrying out ecological principle, community principle and benefit principle in the design of the mansion, we strive to create a living garden with elegant environment, cultural connotation, economic benefits and distinctive personality, and build it into a high-end, intelligent, personalized and integrated landmark architecture.

Quality facilities:

  • The project is consists of 13 high-rise residential buildings, in which , doors and windows are made by high-grade aluminum and low radiation, soundproof and heat insulation glass.

  • Two super luxurious clubs with cigar and wine bar, yoga room, gym and book bar.

  • Large heated swimming pool with fitness facilities

  • Large sunken square with commercial occupancy

  • Water systems are aligned vertically and horizontally and carried through the central axis in the neighborhood.

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