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project phase:Opened



  • 游艇  120个标准游艇泊位,30个干仓位;

  • 客房  27间豪华湖景客房、套房;

  • 餐饮  容纳10-120人大型宴会厅、西餐厅、中餐厅、铁板烧;

  • 会议  容纳8-100人大、中、小型会议室;

  • 健身会所(室外泳池、室外网球场、室内羽毛球馆、壁球馆、瑜伽馆)

  • 娱乐中心(红酒雪茄吧、棋牌室、KTV、室外儿童乐园、乒乓球室、斯诺克)

  • 配套  露天音乐喷泉、水幕电影、人工沙滩

  • 配套  湖心小岛(高尔夫国岭,湖心垂钓,茗茶,修禅)


As the first domestic yacht club came on stage with top villa supporting facilities, “Natural” reveals its luxury and dignity. The international yacht covers 62 square kilometers on the north shore of Dianshan Lake.  After 40 minutes’ drive from downtown Shanghai, you will enter into a realm of cheerfulness and peace far away from the madding crowd. The yacht club has four floors above ground and one underground base, total construction area reaches 12,000 square meters. With its innovative architectural design, luxury and magnificent modeling, rich and elegant interior decoration,the yacht club is proved to be a five-star private club which integrates catering, accommodation, conference, recreation, yacht and dock sevices.


  • Yachts:  120 standard yachts berths, 30 dry positions;

  • Guest Rooms: 27 Deluxe Lake View Rooms, Suites;

  • Catering:Large banquet hall, western restaurant, Chinese restaurant, Teppanyaki for 10-120 people

  • Meeting rooms:Large, medium and small size meeting rooms for 8-100 people

  • Fitness club (outdoor pool, outdoor tennis court, indoor badminton hall, squash court, yoga hall)

  • Entertainment Center (wine cigar bar, chess room, KTV, outdoor children's playground, ping pong room, snooker)

  • Supporting outdoor music fountain, water screen movie, artificial beach

  • Supporting Lake Island (golf ridge, lake fishing, tea, meditation)

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